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17 March 2015

5 Chic Ways to Wear A Scarf

Many women in Singapore think that scarves don't apply to them simply because they live in a tropical climate. But that doesn't mean scarves are out of the question. It's all in the way you wear them. Scarves are a quick, easy way to dress up an outfit, and there are lightweight designs that don't trap heat so they can be part of a summer outfit too.

Besides, scarves are always a good idea in months when the weather is unpredictable, sunny one minute and stormy the next. Parisian women make scarves a wardrobe staple precisely because of this, and scarves ended up being regarded as a chic accessory.
Not sure how to make scarves work for you? Get some inspiration from these celebrities:

1. With a coat

Perfect for that holiday in Europe or trip to NYC, a scarf and coat pairing is all you need to nail that city chic look. Kate Hudson's white Burberry jacket and scarf look classy and fresh enough to hit the streets. Pair with heels and a structured handbag for an office-appropriate look

2. With a leather jacket

To edge up your look, do as Jessica Alba does and throw on a leather jacket. Then wrap on a cable-knit scarf for a cool contrast of textures. The knits help to soften the biker look, and goes great with soft grey denim jeans and leather boots.

3. With neutrals

Scarves are a fresh, fun way to update your neutrals. Look how Megan Fox's Navajo print scarf punched up her grey t-shirt and dark-wash jeans, injecting a jolt of colour into what would otherwise be a rather bland outfit. Her fringed boots are a fantastic complement to the printed scarf, while also elongating her toned legs.

Likewise, Miranda Kerr's classic white tee and blue jeans ensemble is given a modern update with a vibrant, printed scarf. Work that airport look with a low-maintenance outfit with a few key accessories, including a structured handbag and, of course, that scarf.

4. On your head

That's right. Scarves aren't just meant to keep your neck warm. Victoria's Secret supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio demonstrates how you can wear a scarf for a modern hippie flower child look. This is one free-spirited, summer-ready look perfect for attending music festivals. Incidentally, the Brazilian model showed up at 2013's Coachella Festival in this outfit.

5. Double duty

How to make your scarf work for you from day to night? Take notes from German style cat Diane Kruger. Check out how the same black and white scarf saw her through the entire day. For a breezy daytime look, she knotted the scarf and teamed it with a plain grey dress and sandals. For evening, she dressed up a t-shirt and jeans ensemble with the scarf draped around her neck, along with peep-toe pumps and a studded clutch.

Are you a fan of scarves? How do you wear yours? Share your style tips in the Comments section below!


03 February 2015

Review: My First Painless Cold Steam Facial Treatment Experience in Singapore!

Hellow readers! It has been a while since the last time I do beauty review!
Oh! I miss those days where I was often invited to try facial, slimming treatment or even bust enhancement treatment LOL!
I miss those days where I'd travel around Singapore just to attend review or visit a spa or beauty center.
No matter how far the location is, I will use to find my way there! Honestly, I learned a lot about Singapore from blogging.
Man...I wish I still have time for those events as often as before T-T
I love learning new things, gain more experiences in beauty field and of course, meeting new friends.
It has been a miserable journey to KIV all of the invites I received in my inbox, super super sad duh!

Anyway, so weeks ago, I was coincidentally in Singapore
when Michelle invited me to try a painless cold steam facial treatment at BeautyLand Salon,
which I can't wait to share about my experience with you all!
Btw, I was in Singapore for my cruise trip. Oh! I finally sailed with Mariner of the Seas - Royal Caribbean Cruises!!
I will share about it in a separate blog post. (Update: I have shared about it here

BeautyLand is strategically located near to the SuiTes@ Bukit Timah bus stop.
It was super easy to spot the beauty salon and it was easily accessible too.
Upon arrival, I was asked to change to slipper and keep my belongings in the locker.
I love how clean, hygienic and organized the place was. It feels like home to me. It was really comfortable.
Then, I was greeted with the friendly owner who was the therapist herself as well, Miss Michelle.

Here's some of her achievements;
Certified Beauty Specialist by BABTAC (British Association of Beauty Therapy and Cosmetology)
Dr Pierre's Aesthetician & Entrepreneurship Diploma and etc.
In addition, Michelle is also certified by CIDESCO.
One of the most prestigious certificate a beauty therapist/consultant can achieve.
Check out the organisation’s website Click Here

Move on to my "Cold Steam Facial Treatment" as what the name suggest, it was a cold facial.

The first step was cleansing!
She applied a deep cleanser to remove my eye make-up and to cleanse my face.
Product she uses were mostly herbal-ish which I love it very much! The scent was very relaxing.

Then, she exfoliates my skin with very soft, spherical bead scrub.
After that, my face was then cold steamed with a herbal fluid and a light, eraser scrub applied. 
This was done to  further clear the surface impurities and debris and dead cells of my skin.
It was my first time trying cold steam, I ask her why cold instead of warm steam?
She mentioned that cold steam has a great calming and recovering effect,
especially for those with a sensitive skin and in fact, cold steam is a good moisturizing procedure too!
The cold steam calmed my skin and the herbs helped to firm up my skin collagen tissues.
She totally knew what I need! My skin was very thirsty for water!
My skin feels really clean after the multiple-cleansing process.

Move on to the extraction step, Michelle applied their famous Comedone Remover on my face and
left on for a few minutes to loosen and remove my blackheads painlessly.
This is it!! This whole treatment was called painless facial because the extraction process
doesn't involve the horrible and painful squeezing !! OMG my boyfriend is going to like this!
Hahaha! Everytime he goes for facial with me, he will complain that it hurts like hell.
The comedone remover was magic! It painlessly removed all of the dirt and blackhead on my skin.
I was curious so I asked Michelle to pass me a mirror and I was shocked to see how much yellow-ish
and black impurities that came out from my skin. After the extraction, my skin became clearer and brighter.
My face literally glows! I know I sounds exaggerating but honestly, my skin became more radiant after this step.

After the soothing process, my skin was prepped with a suitable toner for the Active Phase.
My skin was then infused with a generous amount of Active concentrate serum.

Then, a multiplex tailor-made massage cream was made for me. All I heard was her opening and closing the bottles, pour, mix, shake! =D
I knew she was doing some magic potion to make me look prettier hahaha! Now, here's my favorite step!
After she applied the cream on my skin she gave me approx.20 mins massage 
using some acupressure technique with her magic hand.One word to describe this process "Heavenly".
I almost fell asleep!! It was extremely relaxing and comfortable.
Lastly, a suitable mask was applied and left on for 20 mins then followed with toner and a fantastic day cream.

That sums up my 90 min amazing painless cold steam facial treatment experience.
After the treatment, I can totally see that my skin became much cleaner and brighter.
I've always been feeling insecure about going out without makeup but after the treatment, I felt confident enough to head out and face the world.

So, after from the salon, I went to cruise center to gather with my friend before the cruise trip and
one of my friend asked "I thought you went for facial? Why is you face not swollen red?"
I told her because my facial therapist was awesome! Haha! Before this, I always schedule my facial treatment to be at night.
So you know, after the treatment I could just go home directly without scaring people
with the horrible redness on my skin that I get from the facial session.
But now, I can totally go for a facial in the morning or even afternoon! Say no more to red swollen face.

WOHOO!! Now, a good news for all of my readers. They are currently having a promotion!!

Now, go to their facebook page at
Like their page and scroll down. You will find an "offer" column on the left side.

Get Free Phoresis eye mask (worth S$97) when you have a Cold Steam Facial treatment with them.

What are you waiting for? Contact Michelle via whatsapp at 8693 9898 now, before she's fully booked.

BeautyLand Salon Online 68, Jalan Jurong Kechil, SuiTes@Bukit Timah, #01-04/05 Singapore 596180
Contact Number: +65 8693 9898
Website: Email:


30 January 2015

5D4N On Board Mariner Of The Seas Departing from Singapore Review

As you all know, I used to work with Royal Caribbean years ago. It years ago? =D
When Legend of The Seas was still sailing in Singapore. Oh! How time flies.
It was a wonderful and insightful experience.

I fell in love with cruising since then!! Been wanting to sail with their Mariner of The Seas for the longest time.
Finally, I have the time and money to do so!! Best of all, it was on promotion!!
So when I saw the advertisement on TV , I was like "Holy...WHY NOT??"
We booked our trip on 12 Jan 2014 because, the rate was the lowest on that date. Haha!
We spent approx SGD 650+/pax on a room with balcony. Let's calculate;

All meals were included!
You get to eat breakfast x 4, lunch x 5 and dinner x 4 + unlimited snacks in between.
Here's another good news. You can order you room service or breakfast for free!!
Man...we love this service very much. You know! We always missed our hotel breakfast whenever we travel.
With this complimentary breakfast and room delivery service, we never missed our breakfast during the trip. Awesome!

So 4 nights stay is included inside the price. Not too bad what!

In addition rock climbing, golf course, swimming pool, ice skating, shows every night, and a lot more activities were free of charge too.
Every timing, there will be activities for you to do. There were bingo games, jewelry making class, lucky draw, and a lot more.
So, honestly, cruising is not that boring if you do follow the activity listed.

So, on that day, I went to Singapore alone as I need to be there early for facial.
Yes, I have this weird habit to do facial before vacation. Then at around 1pm, I arrived at the Marina Cruise Center.
It was my first time there. The interior was simple, clean and comfortable.

Then bf and friends arrived at around 2.30pm, we checked in at around 3pm. The queue was acceptable.
The check in process took about 15-20 mins and immigration took about 15-20 mins only too.
The first thing we did was to check out our room as we hand carry our luggage. Our room was located on deck 9.
The balcony room was spacious enough for two. It is a waste though as we did not stay in the room most of the time though.

But honestly, the sea view in the morning was what's worth paying for.
Imagine yourself, waking up in the morning, looking outside the window realizing that you are in the middle of the seas, on vacation.
Oh! and also Imagine the people you hate the most is beside you too. What a perfect moment! kwakwakwa!

Oh I enjoy the breeze very much. There's complimentary pizza and dessert on the cafe promenade on 5th floor.
and complimentary sausages and ice cream on the 11th floor. SUPER REGRET that we didn't try the sausages!! =(
Heard that they have a few type of sausages!!! Let's go again!

The ice cream was very good!

After resting for about 30mins in our room, we proceed to the windjammer buffet restaurant
Nah, the only thing that I am quite disappointed with throughout the trip was the food.
The buffet breakfast and lunch was not too bad. I rate it 7.5/10.
The fine dining restaurant was unfortunately not up to our expectation, I rate it a 6/10.
The room service was surprisingly better, I rate it 8.5/10.

There was a formal night where all of us dressed up for dinner.

Here's a picture of the beautiful restaurant. We dine on 3rd floor Sounds of Music Restaurant as we opt-ed for my time dining.

As for the activity, we did almost everything. First time trying everything haha!
The rock climbing was fun but then, my shoulder and thigh hurts like hell for a week after that.
I thought I know how to ice skate. I was wrong hahaha!
The mini golf course was quite fun too.
If you are a sporty person, please bring your sport attire on board.
At first, we thought we wouldn't do any sport activity so we weren't prepared.
As shown below, the guys were playing futsal with formal attire. How cool is that?

As for the show, the only show that I enjoyed very much was the musical show on the 3rd night if I am not wrong.
I love all of the costume wore by the performer, love the music too. It was an enjoyable night.
We went to the Arcade to waste some money and our time too LOL!

The Royal Promenade was filled with branded stores.
I saw cartier, swarovski, michael kors, coach, IWC, and etc.
Bf bought a Chanel perfume on board and I bought some laneige skin care back.
For the Laneige that I bought, I am very sure that it was cheaper! =D #HAPPY
Not sure about the Chanel perfume that bf bought though. We will check the price when we happen to see it.

At night, you can head to the top to enjoy the breeze and watch movie outdoor!!
I remember one of the nights bf and I went outside, sleep on the bench and watch "just for laugh" playing on the big screen TV.
Hahaha it was a super windy night and my hair was extremely messy and the weather was freezing cold too.
Bf enjoyed it.
On random nights there were pool party, vintage night and etc.

Then in the midnight, if you can't sleep, you can try your luck at the casino! =D
Honestly, the casino was not crowded during the trip and the ambiance was below our expectation too.
Unfortunately, the staff in the casino were not very friendly as well. Not that they are rude or what, they just don't smile.
Well, luckily bf won some monies during the trip so, I'd say that the casino was not that bad. Haha!

We docked/tendered at two places. Port Klang and Phuket.
Let's talk about Port Klang first. We woke up quite late that morning reason? I laze on my bed because of WIFI!!
I could connect to the port klang jetty wifi from our balcony room.
Btw, bf and friend actually bought the wifi plan but only 2 devices allowed.
If I am not wrong it was quite exp. abt USD 100+ for the whole trip.

Well, I only get to use the wifi I randomly got so, I spent hours checking update on my social media site. Hehe!
After about 12 or 1pm, I don't remember, we walked down to port klang jetty and went to the Taxi area.

We saw a price list on the board and we decided to go to the nearest shopping mall, AEON mall for lunch.
If I am not wrong, we have abt 3 hours to spend on that mall that day. It was a very short and sweet trip.
Bf and friends had nando's!

Had some herbal tea and jelly before leaving the mall.

The next day, we went to Phuket. To get down from the cruise, we need to get a ticket.
We collected the ticket pretty late and ends up we need to wait for 2 hours for our queue number to be called.
So, that was the reason of our and my selfie spams!! =P

This is our friend you can call him Mr Hery, he's still single btw. Hahaha!

We head to windjammer for a short lunch and went to the lounge to sit and relax while waiting.

After we have arrived in Phuket, we randomly talked to a guy who approached us.
We wanted to go to the tiger kingdom so, we asked him to give us a quote.
Surprisingly it was very affordable so we agreed and get into his tuk tuk.

Upon arrival at the Tiger Kingdom, we bought the ticket and went inside to take photo and meet all the tigers!!
Well, tickets were considered very expensive. Price per pax equals to our one way tuk tuk ride price.
Anyway, I was very excited to meet the tigers. =D

Mixed feeling. I LOVE THE TIGERS!! and I was super happy to be able to meet and touch them.
However, I felt sorry for the tigers as they were caged and do not have freedom.
I told mum about it and mum said, of course, it is better for them to be there. They do not need to hunt for food.
Meals are provided. Well, I felt less sorry after hearing that but still. They need to work for the food too. #sigh.

After from the Tiger Kingdom, our driver brought us to see snakes.
But we decided not to pay the entrance fee, as all of us were not interested.
The place was kind of dirty and kampong-ish. So we told the driver we want to leave.
The guys decided to go for go cart instead.


After from the go cart, we went to Jungceylon mall. Yes, the mall that we visited on our last trip.
We even went to the same restaurant and ordered almost the same food hahha!
We love Thai food!

I bought a wedges slipper from the mall, the rest bought some tom yum instant noodle.
I had a coconut shake before boarding the cruise too.
So, that sums up our trip. We had a lovely 5D4N on board Royal Caribbean.
Return? Definitely yes!

You can check out more about Royal Caribbean cruises here