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19 July 2014

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17 July 2014

Prabowo VS Jokowi - Presidential Election 2014

Time now is 5.02am. As usual, I haven't take my bath, lying on my bed while typing this. Hahaha!
I have this very bad habit. When I am connected to the internet, I can't stop searching, thinking and investigating.
It has been a really really long and tiring day.
I went to Singapore just now at about 3.30pm to meet my business partner and I came back to Indonesia at 8.40pm.
It was the shortest trip I have ever made. Usually I will go there and spend at least 12 hours strolling around before coming back.
The first thing that I did was to please my stomach. I was extremely hungry.
I was craving for dry ramen from the ramen stall right in front of Wave Master counter and yeah! craving satisfied.
Then I completed my job, strolled for an hour and came back.

Anyway, today's blogpost is all about politic or maybe not.
Before reading, I just want my readers to know that this blogpost will focuses on my OPINIONS.
So, like it hate it, whatever!

Again, as I mentioned earlier, I belongs to golongan putih (Neutral). I am not sure who to vote.
Maybe because I am libra. A very bad decision maker. Hahaha totally unrelated.
Yes, everyone was very excited about this year's presidential election - which I can totally understand why.
I didn't go down and cast my vote. The polling closed at 1pm. It was too early for me =P

Well, it all started from this Video that I watched on facebook.
It is about medias interviewing Mr. Prabowo after the election.

Nah! The video received 1.3k dislike. Well, dislike is an interesting button. It could be;
1. Dislike, I dislike Mr Prabowo
2. Dislike, this is not the only side of prabowo we shouldn't judge him base on this


Basically this video went viral because he said that the owner of Jakarta Post is "Brengsek" (jerk) after the interview.
Well, I totally agree that a public person shouldn't use negative word in the public.
But, he has his right to dislike Jakarta Post since as what he said, Jakarta Post is biased.
I am not sure how true that is but, I forgive Mr Prabowo.
Moreover, he went to the reporter and said "It is not your fault" to make the reporter feels better too.
Just like how Ahmad Dhani who blacklisted TV One because the reporter asked rude question to him.
 So, to me that is not a big deal.

I think, 100% of my friends support Mr Jokowi. Which I can totally understand why.
Based on all of the video, facebook post and etc, Mr Jokowi is humble, a very down to earth politician.
He tie his own shoe lace, he wear simple checkered shirt, he went down to village and etc.
He is a simple, humble, typical type of Indonesian. That's why Jokowi has a lot of fans.

I have been to a few country and I still think that Indonesian is more humble and friendly
compared to people in another country (Hehe obviously biased)
Then followed by Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean and maybe Taiwanese (I've never been to Taiwan so I am not sure).

Based on fact, Mr Prabowo has a lot of ugly history. He kidnapped, killed, he was a heartless, rude and bad person.
He has a lot of negative news too such as hitting the reporter, throw his phone when he's angry,
refuse to accept cipika cipiki from Jokowi and etc.

Based on what I see on the internet, of course, I want to be on the right side too.
The right side means, choose the one who did the right thing.

But, think about it. We do not choose our leader base on simple information like this.
We can think and make decision smartly, more than that.
Moreover, what we read on the news or watch may not be their real personality too.
So, the best way is to "follow your heart".

Based on their profile, background, experiences and personality,
I somehow think that Mr Prabowo is more suitable to be a president despite his ugly history.
Now, I know and totally agree that he was a bad person. But, it was the past.
We have been a democratic country for more than 16 years.
So, what are we actually afraid of? What can he do to us after he has become a president?
Everything is now control by law, isn't? It has changed and it is now different with 16 yrs ago.
He has a good leadership, at least better than Mr Jokowi. He can protect us like how he protect Suharto decades ago.
Now, I sounds like I am on his side.

What if we can forget the past and focus on what he can do for our country, will you vote for him?
I know, I am not a victim that's why I can say "forget the past" easily. But to me, past is past.
Besides, I am not very sure about how dangerous it can be if he become the president of Indonesia.
And also, somehow, there's this perception that something very bad is going to happen if he become our president.
I wonder how bad will it be. I am curios. If you know, please share.

Whatever it is, I decided to think twice anyway.
He has record of corruption. Most importantly, he is impatient.
It will turn really bad if he ignore human right like what he used to be too.
What if he still hold his traditional mindset, will the 1998 tragedy repeats?
Should I vote for him? Hm..

What will happen if Jokowi become our president? Interesting.
Maybe everything will be well-maintained or become better but maybe no drastic changes.
As mentioned, he is a humble and simple person. Democratic to him means listen to the people.
I think he is the "SAFE SIDE" in an investment.

Prabowo is dangerous but if he can lead the country, maybe we can be a much better compare to other country?
He has more experiences and is an assertive person. Yes means yes no means no.
My only worry is that, if prabowo become the president, will Indonesia be an even more Islamic country.
Well, In fact, it is an Islamic country already, which I am kind of uncomfortable with
because, isn't Indonesia have 5 religions? That's what I learnt from my school.
So, I wish religion issue can be more fair.

Jokowi is a good citizen. He is very patient and has no record of corruption.
Solo and DKI Jakarta had showed slight improvement on its traffic, flood situation and etc.
Honestly, I definitely will vote Jokowi if he is more assertive and confident.

This is the main reason why I don't know who to vote.

Here's a video of him, getting angry because the government/authority went missing during working hour
(btw, this is so normal in Indonesia).
One of the computers was on gaming website some more. Zzz.
The interesting thing is, all Jokowi did was to throw the file on the table and go back into his car.
Which I kind of find it a little bit funny.

I wanted to vote for Jokowi but a leader should be strong, assertive, tough, which I don't see it in him.
In this case, I think he should wait for the authority to come back and at least ask him
why there's no one in the office during working hour or, you know, at least do something.

Here's some video of Jokowi which I purely find it funny and honestly, I do not wish my representative to speak like that.
If Jokowi really become our president, I really hope that he can be more effective in communication.
At least, more fluent in speaking English.
He's going to attend international meeting and all, representing us. So, I hope he won't embarrass us.

I wanted to vote for Prabowo, but there's this "something" that we all afraid if he become our president.

So, who to vote? I am not sure. I will go with the one that majority of Indonesian voted.
Since it is a democratic country, I am fine with either one. All I wish for is a better country, better economy.
The result will be announced this 22 July 2014. Trust me, it is more exciting than world cup.
Will raid or tragedy happen on that day? Very likely. I think Rupiah will be weaken too. #sigh

Alright, that's all I want to share. Time now is 9.10am, I took my bath hours ago. Hehe!
This is really bad. I haven't sleep and I need to go to the bank later duh!
Btw, I am going to JAPAN in August #wohoo
That's why I need to the bank and print out my current account statement for visa application.
I better change my Rupiah to Yen NOW before the rate turns really bad.
That's all for now. Maybe I will update another blogpost on or after 22 June. We will see.

Thanks for reading and still visiting my blog.


02 June 2014

5 Celebrity Styles with Aldo Shoes

Today, let's discuss about shoes! One of my favorite brands is definitely ALDO!

I love Aldo's concept. It doesn't try to market itself as "the comfort brand" or some luxury label;
it just is what it is, a fun fashion-forward footwear label for women. 

We all know you can't have too many pairs of shoes. So there's no reason not to blog about shoes.
I saw this pair of Aldo wedge heels the other day and I could think of a million ways to wear.
Which makes it a worthwhile purchase, no?

Guess that's why even A-listers are just as in love with their Aldos as much as we are. (Okay, I am.)
Before you pick up a pair of Aldo shoes, look at how these trendsetters work theirs.

1. Jessica Alba

Go boho or go home. Just kidding. But Jessica Alba totally nailed the bohemian-chic look perfectly here,
with her brown Longchamp cross-body bag, a satiny Tory Burch blouse, Linda Farrow sunnies, J.
Brand high-waist jeans and a fabulous blowout. And the kicker, a pair of Aldo Odens wedge sandals. 

Seventies fashion never looked this good.

2. Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman sure loves her Aldos. She showed up at the 2009 screening of her film Brothers 
in her purple Segura peep-toe pumps from the brand, then again at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party 2010 in the same model in black. 

One thing's been proven: Aldo's peep-toe pumps go fab with cocktail dresses! 
I love how she paired her electric blue halter dress with that canary yellow clutch and lilac pumps. 
Of course, with those toned pins, she can wear anything and still look good. 

If you're more into muted colours, then take a leaf from the Black Swan actress's book
and pair a dark grey dress with black heels and smoky eye makeup.

3. Selena Gomez

Paisley is tricky. Wear it wrongly and you look like rejected furniture.
But Selena Gomez pulled it off with much aplomb, mostly because of the cutting.
The crop top and cinched high-waist pants from Maggie Jeans’ spring/summer 2014 collection
tone down the granny look and make the outfit sleek and modern.
Plus, I think it's genius how she matched her crisp white Versace Palazzo bag 
with her Aldo Rise X Preen Buito sandals.
Top it all off with a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster Classic sunnies and you get another hit from the Disney star. 

4. Kelly Osbourne

How cute are these sugar-pink heels that Kelly Osbourne wore to a New York Fashion Week party?!
They were designed by British designer Mark Fast, as part of his collaboration with Aldo. 
Kelly's outfit is the perfect balance of edgy and sweet, from that shimmery black leather dress
to her candy floss-pink lipstick and pastel coloured hair. And, of course, those shoes!

5. Anne Hathaway

Look who's all grown up now! 
I remember how ditsy (and loveable) Anne Hathaway used to be during her Princess Diaries days.
She's looking very Devil Wears Prada here in her 60’s-inspired
red floral velvet cocktail dress from Mafalda and black Fronime pumps from Aldo.
That pixie cut, side-swept bangs and red lips add even more drama and flair to her outfit.
Miranda Priestly would be proud.