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16 April 2014

The 5 best ways to save with online fashion shopping in Singapore

I decided to split my blog post and here's the second part. Reason?
I talked too much about the election click here for the first part LOL! As mentioned, today is Holiday!
It has been a while since I sleep for so long. Seriously. I LOVE HOLIDAY.
So, what I have done today? Well, I woke up, I had my breakfast, then with some snacks,
I watched several TV programs on National Geographic Channel.
I watched brain games, none of the above, locked up abroad and etc.
Then, I spent hours sitting in front of my boyfriends PC, drafting the first part of the blog then, I have been browsing and shopping !!!!!
As you all know, I LOVE TO SHOP ONLINE. Not only that it is cheaper,
I can choose and think and choose and think for hours, days or even months before I decided to finally get it.
You know, I am a terrible decision maker. That explains why everything on my blog is centered.
Because I am not sure if I want the alignment to go right or left. Hahaha!
When I shop offline, I will usually buy something impulsively and then,
the clothes, bags whatever stuff that I bought will become decoration item. Haha! Are you like that as well?
Saw something, liked it. You know it is too big or too small but you just think that you have to own it.
You bought it and you just never user. LOL! It happens to me all the time.
I love all those clothes that I bought but I never get to wear them. It is more like something that I collected instead.
I am just happy to see them in my wardrobe.
Thinking that, one day. One day! I will wear it for sure and it never happen. Sounds familliar? =D

Now, today I am going to share with you my best 5 ways to save with online shopping in Singapore.

Tip No. 1 Set your budget.
Nah, one of the disadvantages about shopping is online, you don't know if the real item looks exactly like what you see on the website.
Set your budget. For me, I won't buy anything more than SGD 50 online.
In my case, I usually spent approximately 5 to 30 dollars on bags, shoes, clothes or other products.

The purpose of setting a budget is to reduce your disappointment. E.g: If the dress I ordered is too big/small.
I will just comfort myself by thinking that it is fine. It is only 5 bucks anyway. If the product exceed my expectation I will be very happy and delighted.
Then I will share about my thought on twitter or instagram with hash tags such as #DirtyCheap #WhatASteal #Insane haha!
It is like an investment you know.
The more money you spend on an item, the higher your expectation on it,
and it leads to higher disappointment when the product didn't meet your requirements.

Tip No. 2 Group Buy Advantage
Heard of Groupon,, Alldealsasia and etc? They are group buying sites.
I have bought deals on these website for countless times.

I'd usually get their buffet deal, IPL/ waxing deal, facial and etc. Mostly the deals that I bought cost less than SGD 20 !
Some are even less than 10 dollars. E.g: SGD 5 for Brazilian wazing. That's just #WOW isn't?
You just have to check them out. The next deal that I'd love to experience is their Travel deal.
Some of my friends bought their travel deal before. Most of them purchased that Bangkok SGD 199 deal.
So tempting right! Their feedbacks have been positive. I am totally going to check out those deals.

Tip No. 3 Be Patient. 
Do you know that certain website actually offer you coupon code when you leave some items in your cart.
Yes, you heard it right. You leave items in your online shopping cart to get random coupons from retailers.
This is a tip that I learnt from The Muttons from 987 FM.
According to them, if you happen to leave some items in your cart (You know! That "Add to Cart" button)

and you are not ready to check out or settle the payment for, lets say 2-3 days or maybe a week.
If you are lucky, certain retailers will send you a discount code. Usually they will email you with something like
"Ready to check out? Here's a 20/30/40/50% coupon code for you" =D Isn't it amazing?
"Good things come to those who wait."
 Well, this won't work all the time, nor will it work for every online seller. Now, pay attention to tips No.4!

Tip No. 4 Check promo / voucher/ discount / coupon code websites

Now, you don't have to wait anymore. You can get coupon code instantly.
I know how frustrating it is when you are finally ready to check out and
there's a coupon code column just below the total amount.
You will feels like - Mannn! I should fill up the column and get some discounts. But where !!
Where can I find the discount code? I FEEL YOU. That's just annoying.

Now, I just found a website full of promo codes! is like a paradise.
You have to check it out. You are welcome! =D

This website has tons of promo codes for popular website such as Zalora, Luxola, Expedia, Zuji, ASOS!!
Those are some of the websites that I visit regularly.

Tips No. 5 Social Media & Referral Program
Certain retailers are very active on social media channel such as facebook, twitter and instagram.
Check out those channels regularly. Usually they will have special deal for their follower.
E.g: Like our facebook to get free shipping or, share this post and get SGD 10 credit.

Their purpose is to create awareness of their business and by sharing the post that they posted on our wall,
our friends will see or notice it.
The more people share about it, the more people will be aware about the promotion.
It is something like words of mouth but in this case words of wall. LOL!

It is similar to referral program. If you invite your friend to join the website or purchase something, you will get rewarded.

You can use the credit you earn to buy something from the website. If the amount of credit is more than what you need then you can get the product for free!
Well, it depends on the T&C of the website too. Some retailers restrict the amount of credit that you can use.
E.g: You can use up to SGD 10 credit on this deal.

Altright, that's all for todays topic. I hope this blog post is useful for you.
Happy Smart Shopping! =D

With loads of love,


09 April 2014

I don't know who to vote - Pemilu Indonesia 2014

Hellow readers, I am currently in Indonesia, Batam Island!! Away from Singapore.
Time now is 6.42 pm. Today is election day in Indonesia which means, today is a holiday!!
I woke up at around 11pm just now and the election closed at 1pm. Decided to skip the election and sleep more.
Well, I just do not see the point to go down and cast my vote. Moreover, I do not know who to vote.
Golput is what they called (Golongan Putih) meaning - people do not participate in the election.
It is actually something like a protest group that I do not considered myself as one of them. Haha.
I didn't vote because, I need more sleep. HAHAHAHA!

I went down and cast my vote on the last election years ago. Again, I had no idea who to vote.
I was there with my parent. Since I was there already, I should not waste my trip. So, I decided to vote.
I voted the one with purple shirt, because I love purple. LOL!
Even if I know who to vote, it is kind of useless too. In most case (I heard) the candidates will actually buy votes.
Just like how people buy follower on Twitter or Instagram or Facebook, they buy votes.
Click here to read more It is quite common in Indonesia (I guess). It is very different from Singapore.
In Indonesia, the candidates/ legislature hired sexy models to stand on the side of the road holding the flag or poster or any promotional material.
click here if you do not believe me click here for the translated version
They break the law before we do. I thought, sticking sticker on public place is considered vandalizing?
Not only in public place such as bus stop, the malls, etc. They even stick their sticker just outside my door.
Not only that, I read that more trees were damaged because they actually nailed their banner on the tree. That's ridiculous.
Also, I think the legislatures are quite rich yeah. They actually spent quite a huge amount of money on promoting themselves.
Not only they spend money on hiring sexy model, printing brochures, sticking stickers everywhere,
they also put up their banners, the bigger the banner, the more votes theyll get, I think. LOL It is not cheap you know.
Some even spent money on TV advertisement. I don't see that in Singapore. No right?

I don't even have money to promote my humble shop in the middle of the road. LOL!
Not only that! Some of their photos were like advertisement photo with earing, luxury watches, huge rings and etc.
To me, it looks just like a jewelry ads. Wanted to capture the picture of one of the calegs (Tiban Area).
But guess what? She changed her banner already. New photo this time haha! Less fancy. lol
And she's so rich that she has money to change the photo of her banner for several times.
Some endorse blogger, instagrammer or celebrity to reach the audience too. It is weird. Just weird.

Here's some weirder photo I found online and I wonder if they have the copy right to do so. Zzz..




Pictures are credited to the respective website, I found them via google.

Seriously? I thought election is supposed to be something serious?
These people are the one who's going to represent my/ your city? Interesting yeah.
It makes me wonder, what if the legislature has the quality, strong passion and will/mission to make this city/ country a better place
BUT has no money to do such promotion? Is that means that in order to be one of the candidates,
you must first has the capital (money) to promote yourself?

I think, to be successful, to be the chosen one, a caleg need to hire a good ADVERTISER.
Without good advertisement, good performance, attention-seeking promotion, that candidate won't be recognized by the public.
Now, who are we looking for now? a LOL!

How to choose caleg (short term for calon anggota legislatif, heh I just googled) / candidates?

First you need to know which party you are supporting. Well, from what I recall, I only know,
PDIP, Golkar. That's all. Hahaha. I guess, they spent the most money promoting themselves.
Another party that I heard about recently is Gerinda. I saw their weird ads on TV. Yes the one with big garuda bird mascot).
(I watched Indonesia TV channel because I was forced to. Bf was watching football at that time).
New names that I heard a lot recently is Jokowi and another one Ahok, which I have no idea who they are.
In addition, unlike Singapore, there's a total of 15 Party this year, I just realized it.
It used to have like 40 over parties click here to check it out and it just confuses me.
Once we learnt about the goal and mission of the party, we analyze, consider, believe that they are reliable, we choose/vote.

Then you choose for the legislature in that particular party.
Yes, which is something like what shown above. Each city/district/province has its own DPRD/ representative.
That's what I was supposed to choose this morning. I really have no idea about any of them.
Only know some of them, not from their advertisement/ banner but because they are like my friends dad, the owner of bla bla bla business and etc.
Have some impressions of some of the legislatures from gossips too. Like for example, how rich this caleg is,
how big his house is, how many maids he has, what car he/his son owns, bla bla bla.
Guess what? Some caleg even got threaten recently. His car got scratched. #Drama Strong competition yeah.
That's all I know about them. Weird but that's the truth.
I know nothing about their mission of out city/ country. How they handle problems.
Maybe it is just me, an ordinary woman that's not interested in politic, never pay attention or even bother to read about them.
Back to point no.1, votes can be bought, so what's the point of voting. Well, this is just my two pennies worth of opinion.

Read about the requirement to be a DPRD here

According to my friend, this is something like an investment, you spend a lot of money promoting yourself.
If you are the choosen one. You will earn back those money by ahemp! you know I know.
If you lost, that's it.

Why is it cool to be a DPRD?
Man, it is like a dream job. Dr or Ir is not even as cool as DPRD.

Well, here's one story. One of my very close friend, more than friend actually.
She was once caught by the police because she forget to wear her safety belt.
Guess what? all she did was to show a name card of his dad, which happen to be a DPRD and that's it.
The police even says sorry to her. That's how cool it is to be a DPRD. The status. The power.
Not only that, you will get a nice looking car plate to distinguish yourself from normal people too and ehemp! fancy car as well.

source: here

If you are one of the Governors, Mayors or whatever you call it, you get personal butler.
The police, will block the road for you if you/ your wife want to go shopping or maybe just want to go for a dinner/ lunch.
I saw that almost every week. Okay, maybe once/ twice a month? =)
The police will block the road when #IDon'tKnowWho want to visit one particular shops in my district.
It is very common to see several police man standing in front of my shop to block that road.
No, nothing serious. Just someone important, want to shop. That's it.
My reaction? Jaw-dropping. Seriously that's what a policeman should do?
Or, actually you don't need be a governor to hire policeman to do things for you.
All you need to do is to be rich. Then, you can have that kind of treatment too.
If that's the case, I wonder why all of the governor are rich? Can you tell me?

It is like how Louis Vuitton will close its door when a very important customer want to shop in the store. #PrivateShopping like that.
DPRD = Celebrity? Close hah!

If that #IDontKnowWho is the president. Maybe, yes, he/she should be protected. He/She is more than a celebrity.
The whole Indonesian recognize him/her.
As a civil servant, they deserve to be treated such way as well? Man, I want to be one of them too. #Jealous
LOL! That's so cool to be protected by several policeman while I shop. #Luxury

Don't get me wrong. I do think that DPRD is VIP (Very Important Person). I am just curious.
If they really want/ need to be protected, why don't they hire body guards or professional butler?
Because, with policeman, they will look more powerful. Is that the purpose?
Why do they need guards while they shop too? To look cool?

Well, that's just what I witness in my area.  Again, I am just a super ordinary woman.
I am nobody. I do not have the right to judge. Blame me.
I only know that luxury side of being a DPRD. Well, maybe, maybe they work really hard to make my city a better city.
So hard that they deserved those treatments. Maybe.
Maybe they really need some policemen to be around while shopping too. Maybe.

 I'd love to hear your opinions. Maybe my perception about being a DPRD is terribly wrong. Tell me.


29 March 2014

Planning for The Sailor Themed Wedding for My Dogs

Drafted post


Time now is 3.21am (OMG it's 3.21am and I haven't take my bath. BRB)
Wow. Time now is 3.33am. Haha good numbers heh.
I am now naked wearing my all-time-favorite My Melody pyjamas, sitting on my purple queen-sized bed
using my brother ex-SONY Vaio white coloured laptop, blogging.
BLOG. TYPING. Like finally! It's been a while. I miss ranting on my space.

Today's main topic.
They are getting married. Yes, they have to get married. Hahaha
 You know, we bf bought a female puppy for Gucci about a year ago.
Click here to read about MAYO, the noisiest puppy.
That's really fast. When we first saw her, she was soooo small and now, she's a chubby little dog.
She's even bigger than Gucci. That's just amazing. Another important info to point out is that,
even though she's chubbier, heavier than Gucci, she's actually shorter than Gucci.
Muahaha She's short and fat, just like ME LOL!

About two years ago, Mayo was this small.

And now, she's this BIG.

She's superrrr adorable. Well, Gucci used to be adorable too and but now, he's basically an adult already.
He know what he is doing. He's considered as a MAN. He is no longer cute, he's charming instead. LOL!
I love Gucci for who he is. He is a good boy. I love Mayo because she's cute and super innocent.
All of her stupid funny action always makes us laugh like mad. I love both of them.

Btw, weeks ago, bf parked his car outside his house (out of norm). Usually he will park his car inside the house and close the gate.
He's always the one to close the gate. This time round, he didn't close it and I didn't realize it too.
I entered the house, greeted the dog and played with them for a while.
Then, I sat on the sofa while asking them to play outside. After about 2 minutes then I realized.
The moment I stepped out, I saw Gucci and Mayo outside the house. Mayo was barking at a motorcycle.
The driver was kind of shock and then, he just continue riding his bike.
To my surprise, Mayo chased the motorcycle. OMG.I was extremely shocked. She's soooooo naughty.
I couldn't handle two dogs. Remember that Gucci was outside as well? I screamed and asked BF to come out.
Bf was almost naked with only a boxer and socks. HAHAHAHAHAHA.
He chased Mayo all the way to the middle of the street. OMG It was so dangerous.
Luckily Mayo respond when Bf shouted her name.
She stopped for a while and bf managed to catch her before she chase another random motorcycle.
Gucci followed me all the way and he never leave my side. He was confused and wonder what was happening.
As for Mayo, the more I chase the more she run. Man!! Luckily they are safe. Lesson learnt.
I blame myself for being forgetful and careless. I am so sorry. We are so sorry.
#guilty It makes me wonder. What if Mayo and Gucci gone missing or got injured in that accident.
I will never forgive myself. Bf scolded me and said if anything happen to them, he will never forgive me too.

OMG. The responsibility of owning pets is huge.
I do not wish to own anymore pet after they are gone. I hate the feeling of losing someone. I know, nobody likes it.
I also undertand and accept the fact that they will leave me one day. I will cry when I think about it. #sobs
Pets are like family. I can't imagine mylife without Gucci and Mayo T-T
They stay under the same roof with us. Even worst, they sleep with us.
The relationship with pet is even closer than relationship with a husband. They are like my family.
I often share my secret to Gucci and Mayo, I don't share it with my parent. Haha.
They are my best listener. I love them very very much. At the same time, feeling guilty.
I only get meet them for about twice a week or at night when I stay over at my boyfriend's place.
Feeling less guilty since we got Mayo too. Because, they are not alone. They have each other. =)
Anyway, cherish the moment. I am gonna make their life a memorable one.
I want to give them the best. I want them to be a happy.
I want to earn a lot of money and buy a lot of snacks and toys for them.
Ah! Dog snacks are expensive fyi.

Guess what? Bf is going to hire 2 maids. He said "One for Gucci, One for Mayo" HAHAHAA!
His house is small. My house is even larger than his and I do not have any maid.
Two maids for his small house is just....too much! Hahaha! The fee is extremely affordable though.
Like $100 for a month? =O
Now, you know why most Indonesian have more than one helper in their house.
Well, hopefully the maids will love Gucci and Mayo too. They are coming within this week? I have no idea.

Back to the topic, they are getting married. Married by accident, maybe.
Hahaha Mayo had her third heat (menstruation) a month ago. They had their first sex (mating) for the first time in their life.
Duh! I forgot the date LOL! Should have remembered the date ckckck..
Finally. Gucci made love to a real dog. Before this, he only gets to hump bf's leg.
Only bf's leg. He never want to hump on my leg, even when I offer him my leg. HAHAHA.
I am so happy for Gucci, it must be the happiest day of his life. lol
We were shocked and panicked when we saw "The tie". Do you know that actually dog twists when mating?
That was our first time seeing such thing. We thought Gucci will just jump on top of Mayo. We're wrong. It is more than that.
We were shocked when we saw that Gucci twist around and two of them are facing in opposite directions.
Yes, with his *p still inside Mayos *v. Which mean, his *p is twisted.
They looked like they were stucked together. Mayo looks sad and unwilling. We thought that Gucci hurts too.
Since you know, his *p got twisted. I quickly googled and found out that it was normal.
Bf commented "Are you sure that this is normal? It reminds me of exorcism"

Here's some information for you;

A bitch that is ready to be bred will allow the male to sniff and lick her vulva as she holds her tail up and out of the way.
 Ideally, the male will then mount the bitch from behind and proceed to penetrate the vulva with his penis.

The Tie 

A tie is a natural phenomenon of dog breeding in which the bulbus glandis of the male's penis swells inside the bitch's vagina. 
The dogs are virtually locked together for 15-20 minutes (two to 30 minutes is also normal), 
during which time ejaculation has taken place. 
The sperm is released at the beginning of the tie.

Getting stuck together is normal. Do NOT ice them to get them apart.
 The male is supposed to swell up and get stuck inside the female for two to 30 minutes. 
At this time if you feel the sire and dam in this area you will feel pulsating. 
When you hear someone say they got a 13-minute tie, this means they were locked together for 13 minutes.

During the tie, the majority of the sperm are delivered into the canal. 
The male may choose to remain on top of the bitch, or slightly off to her side. 
He may also twist around so the two are facing in opposite directions
The important thing is to calmly keep them from pulling on one another so neither dog's genitals are injured.
The tie typically lasts from ten to thirty minutes, and then the swelling subsides and the dogs can separate.

Nah! We suspect that Mayo maybe is pregnant. It has been a month.
We still didn't notice any sign of pregnancy though. Should we buy the pregnancy test? hahaha!
Human pregnancy test doesn't work on pet.
According to my research, if she's really pregnant, the puppies are likely to arrive in about 9 weeks. That's really fast.
You can read more about Maltese Pregnancy HERE
Whatever it is, Gucci have to be responsible. LOL! Gucci have to marry Mayo.

So, I googled for "Dog Wedding" Here's how to plan for a dog wedding by wikihow.
So, I am going to follow the instruction. As mentioned on the website.
Things I'll Need
Animals to be married

Let's start from the Date and Venue. It is likely to be on Sunday, 6 April 2014.
The wedding will take place at My Shop! =D My shop closes at 5pm on Sunday.

Decoration = The theme is likely to be Navy Blue + Red so, theme is likely to be SAILOR. =D
Here's some inspiration I found online;

Here's some printables that I am going to use. Feel free to download these printable party props.


Now. The food. I am going to order a few dessert online via instagram.
Actually, some of my friend are selling home-made cake and tarts. I have been wanting to try it.
So, here's my plan. I would like to order;

12 mini fruit tarts
1 small cake with navy theme.
24 Jco mini donuts

Then I will prepare some popcorns
(It's been a while since the last time I pop some popcorn. I used to do it quite often years ago)
sausage (easiest food), sandwich, fries and pasta. I am going to serve western food. Easy and yummeh.

For Gucci and Mayo, I am going to buy the best wet food or maybe I should just cook minced beef + veggie for them.
Well, I will decide it nearer to the date.

Guest List:
Sister's Husband

or maybe just bf and I hahaha! I will see how it goes.

Pet costume: Gucci has a sailor-inspired shirt. It would fit the theme.
Ordered a navy striped dress for Mayo. I bought a house for them too. So that they can stay together forever.
Hahaha! Should I buy a car for them too? LOL Everything should arrive within this week.

Stay tuned for the party post. =)