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14 April 2016

Surprise Under The Sea Proposal and My Engagement Ring !

Yes. We got married!
Exactly 6 month ago, on 14th October 2015 he proposed to me. It was....unexpected!
Well, he told me that his younger brother was on holiday. His brother came all the way from Medan to Batam.
He told me that he wanted to bring his bro for a short vacation to Singapore.
I thought, that's a good idea =D Since I'd love to try and stay in any of the hotel in Resort World @ Sentosa too.
He booked Hard Rock Hotel for the first night and for the next day he told me that he book Equarius Hotel.
I was like "What?????? Really? Equarius Hotel?" It was one of my dreams to stay in Equarius Hotel!
Yes, that hotel room that comes a view of the S.E.A Aquarium !!!
Long story cut short, that morning, he went missing. If I am not wrong, he said he went out to meet his property agent.
That excuse was quite acceptable to me. So I didn't feel  suspicious at all.
Actually that morning, he woke up early, went to collect the engagement ring and
also went to collect the bouquet that he ordered from a local florist that he always went to.
He checked into Equarius hotel in advance and prepared everything all by himself. #touched
He was pretty busy that morning.

After everything, he came back, we checked out from Hard Rock Hotel and he said he'd go to Equarius hotel first.

His reason was because he booked a double occupancy room and since it was three of us,
he'd go first and he'd told us to go there after he's done checking in.
I found it a little bit weird already because usually he wouldn't do that.
He'd avoid that kind of hassle and book a room for 3 pax instead. That was so not his style.
Anyway, as told, his younger brother and I sat and waited for his instruction in Hard Rock Hotel lobby LOL!
After like an hour Zzzz...he finally said we could go there already.
So with the free shuttle bus, we traveled from Hard Rock Hotel to Equarius Hotel. 
And when I arrived at Equrius Hotel, I was amazed by almost everything LOL!
Look at the lobby!! It has this huge LED panel with waterfall display! So impressive!
A photo posted by @reneoct on
We waited approx. 15 min for the butler to came and picked us up from the lobby to our room.
We went to our room with a buggy car provided by the hotel,
When we arrived at our room, bf (now husband) led us to the second floor.
Yes it was a two-storey Ocean Suite!
I was so so so impressed with the suite! It comes with a private pool too!
I took loads of picture and a few videos of it , of course.
Btw, bf bought a new GoPro and his brother was filming with it since the day before.
Actually he secretly filmed the whole process and I didn't find it suspicious at all.

A photo posted by @reneoct on

Then bf led me to the first floor. I was super excited to see the view of the huge aquarium!!!!
So the first floor was quite dark as the curtain of the aquarium view was closed at that time.
So, I patiently sat on the chair in front of the bed while he pressed that curtain button located besides the bed.
and tadaaaaa!!! To my surprised, I saw four divers and two of them holding this huge banner with
"Ren Will You Marry Me?" on it.
He took out the ring and also the bouquet that he hid inside the cabinet and knelt down in front of me.
I kept saying "kamu gila ya?" (are you crazy?) to him Muahahaha!
I was stunned and my feeling was very mixed.
Excited + Happy + Surprised + Touched + Shocked LOL!

He said "We've been dating for so long and this is the right time"
I teared a bit and LAUGHED! MUAHAHAHA!!!
Even his brother who secretly filmed the whole process laughed.
Is that the weather? or did he consulted the fortune teller for the right time, date and place?
LOL! My answer was "You are insane!" LOL! followed by a "YES", of course!!!

But then, after I saw the ring, I said "Wait! I don't like the ring". Muahaha..I am such a spoiler.
This is me. If I don't like it, I'd say I don't like it. I just couldn't hide my feeling.
It is a torture for me to wear something that I don't like for the rest of my life.
It's the design of the ring. Not the value. I am picky and he knew it. He understands me sooooo well.
He said "Don't worry, I know you might not like the design that I picked.
That's the reason why I decided to choose the simplest design.
You are free to custom it to your liking, I've already told the jeweler and you can do whatever you want to it".
Mannnnn...I was super duper happyyyyy when I heard that!!!!! What a relief! #JumpWithJoy
Muahaha in fact, most of the gifts he gave me comes with an "exchange allowed" condition LOL!

GUYS! If you are reading this, do consider this!! Let your girlfriend choose the engagement ring!
Well, some couple actually go down and choose the engagement ring together
Then usually the guy kept the ring and pop that question when he thinks he is ready.
Alternatively, if you think you know your girlfriend very very well,
or your girlfriend is not picky about such details at all
or she have ever told you what kind of ring she likes,
Go ahead! choose and buy the ring, show it to her, kneel down and ask her that important question!
If he did really asked me about what kind of ring that I like,
I would definitely do my research and make a 10 pages report for him
 Including where to buy, what kind of diamond, where has the best deal. Muahaha!
Anyway, so, yeah!!!
I get to design my own engagement ring! That the most awesome idea on earth! #HAPPY
Fyi, the diamond remains the same. We just changed the ring case.
I adore the diamond he gave ( In fact, it was more than what I expected).
He is always very generous to me. #smilehappily
Back to the topic:
As shown in the video above, the ring he gave me comes with a very simple ring design.
To me, it was like the same standard engagement ring that everyone has.
That's totally not my style. I prefer something more complicated and something special.
So I drafted a picture, told em my ideas and sent some images to the jeweler.
After almost a month of discussing, amended the design for few times, and etc,
Within our budget, this is what my jeweler, Jann from Jann Paul sent me.

A bonus !! A hand drawn sketches Jann Sent me! I LOVE MY RING SOOOOO MUCH! 

It comes with our Initials on each side - A for Arifin and R for Rene. So limited edition!
It was my idea =)  Here's a 3D Render video Jann prepared for me!

After about 4 month, I finally get to see my ring in real life and I love it even more!!!
It is soooooo pretty! Now, that's a complete "I DO!" muahaha I am realistic like that. LOL!
This is my first diamond ring and before this, I didn't know that a diamond can be that pretty and shiny!
Now I finally understand the terms "Diamonds are a girl's best friend!!!" I totally agree!!

To end this post, enjoy this video of the aquarium of our Ocean Suite!!
10yrs later, I want to go back there again to celebrate our 10yrs anniversary with our kids!

Coming next : I will blog about our wedding, hopefully soon.
Thanks for still checking out my blog even though, I have been slacking.
Forgive me, I love you all my readers! kiss kiss!

12 October 2015

5 favourite ladies' watch ads

A watch stands for a lot of things,
but to me it's the mark of a woman who is in control of her time, her schedule, her life. 
It means she has things to do that she can't delay. 
And the women in watch ads always look so poised and in charge.

Here are 5 watch ads that make you - okay, me - want to buy ladies watches: 

1. Charlize Theron for Dior

This is what I mean. Doesn't Charlize Theron look all sultry and powerful in this Dior ad? 
Kind of reminiscent of Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, too. 
This ad totally enhances the minimalist vibe of the dress watch.
 Like, who needs accessories when you've got a statement watch like this?

2. Girls Generation for Baby G

Girls Generation has always marketed itself as a fun, playful, vibrant and youthful girl group with a mix of personalities. 
No surprise that their Baby G ad would head in that direction too. 
Because there is invariably one member that you would favour over the rest 
(in fan-speak, that person is called your "bias"), 
there will likewise be one watch for you in its collection.

Occasionally, Girls Generation would go a little sultry and edgy. 
And this Real Baby-G ad is all ripped jeans and insouciant stares. 
A refreshing change from their cutesy image, if you're not into that.

3. Lily Collins and Amanda Seyfried for Movado

Okay, apparently this Swiss luxury watch brand is big on the whole hand-on-the-head pose to flaunt its pretty dress watches. 
Movado Group, Inc., by the way, designs, manufactures, and distributes a number of watch labels,
including Movado, EBEL, Coach, Hugo Boss, Lacoste, Ferrari, Juicy Couture, and Tommy Hilfiger worldwide.

4. Li Bing Bing for Gucci

Li Bingbing does the glamour queen look here wearing the special edition 
bamboo timepiece and bracelet from Gucci in January 2013.
Love the smoky eye makeup that matches her nails. 
Teamed with her slicked back, slightly moist hair, the watch looks extra chic.

5. Cameron Diaz for Tag Heuer

Cameron Diaz is featured in Tag Heuer Fall 2012 campaign.
I love how she poses here with the watch. None of the usual hand-on-the-head or neck pose. 
Instead, a strong grip on the watc
(and a semi-smug faraway look that says, I can see my future and it's awesome) showcases its fabulousness.

So which watch campaigns make you feel like buying a watch or two?


24 August 2015

5 Fun Facts About Aldo


I always say you can’t have too many pairs of shoes, particularly when they look as gorgeous as those from Aldo. 


Founded in 1972 in Quebec, Canada, by Aldo Bensadoun, the women’s fashion footwear label has since proliferated all around the world. Starting out with just four stores in Canadian cities, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and Winnipeg, it now has than 1,000 stores worldwide in Canada, America, the U.K., Ireland, and 60 more franchised countries at last count. And with a firm presence in major fashion capitals like Milan, London, New York and Los Angeles, this footwear giant is certainly going places. 

Aldo aims to bring high-quality, fashionable footwear and accessories at prices that won't hurt your wallet. Little wonder that it's become one of the most popular footwear and accessories label since it first hit our shores in 2003.  

Love your Aldos as much as as the next girl? Check out 5 cool facts about the brand! 

1. Apart from Aldo, Aldo Group also carries other lifestyle footwear brands, including Little Burgundy, Call It Spring, and Globo. 


2. Their first best-seller was a pair of clogs!  

Named "Frida", it was this pair of clogs that put Aldo on the fashion map. Inspired by the free-loving spirit of the seventies, the Frida was first spotted more than 40 years ago.  

Good news if you're looking to try the clogs trend. Because of the Frida's success and popularity, Aldo recently announced that the beloved pair of clogs will be staging a major comeback. The Frida will be available in black or tan, features a lightweight wooden sole, metal studs at the side detail, and sensible, wearable heels.  

It goes with everything from a shift dress to boyfriend jeans. Now that's one trend I can get on with! 

3. Aldo categorises its shoes into three main collections: Casual, City and Dress. 

Adraeddaflat thong sandals  
The Casual Collection comes with lightweight, wearable styles that are pretty darn comfy to boot! 

AldoLearwenwedge pumps

 Aldo City wedges 

The Aldo City Collection lets you do your thang even at the workplace. Do office chic right with these sophisticated pairs.  


Shoes, sandals and boots from the Dress Collection are meant for the special occasions like date night or parties. Step out in style with these babies! 

4. Aldo is actively involved in raising awareness for social causes, particularly AIDS. It initiated the Aldo and YouthAIDS campaign in 2005 and raised more than US$10 million dollar for AIDS awareness.